Free Wordpress website

Free wordpress
A little project I had been meaning to do for ages has finally come to fruition! I had wanted to see if I could create a website based on wordpress but with free hosting and free plug ins.

I think I have been able to do this with an Austrian company called [url= t=blank]Easyname[/url] - the site they provide has 20gb web space and unlimited data traffic and can have wordpress installed on it. The hosting is free for a year (usual price is £21.48) - while £21 is not huge for hosting it is still better to have it for free!

The only thnig that could make this not work would be if the hosting was flakey or the speed of the site was poor. So what I ended up with was a site with the current wordpress version (4.9.1) using the Portfolio Gallery theme from [url= t=blank]Web Dorado[/url], [url= t=blank]Yoast SEO[/url], [url= t=blank]Short Pixel Image Optimiser[/url], [url= t=blank]Photo Gallery from Web Dorado[/url], [url= t=blank]Contact Form 7[/url] and a great [url= t=blank]Cache plugin from KeyCDN[/url]. The site can be viewed[url= t=blank]here[/url] and measures the loading time as 2.6 seconds which I don't think is bad for an all free site!

It would probably be no good for a succesful commercial site but for my amateur needs it is great!