Barn Owl Centre

The Barn Owl Centre is a great natural venue to photograph Owls & Birds of Prey in wild environments - this is what the [url=]website [/url]states and it is very true.

It is the most wonderful setting and we were lucky enough to have chosen a day when (although misty earlier) the sun shone brightly and it was warm enough for shirt sleeves (end October 2011)

We were met by Vince, our host for the day. A more genial host would be hard to find as from the start his laid back and happy demeanour set the tone - it was a very relaxed and happy day!

As I said - a most wonderful setting - all natural with plenty of "weeds"! Really loads of wild flowers and for photographers it is a dream setting with logs and gates, fence posts and trees for the birds to perch. Not forgetting the haystack where the barn owl was positioned.

Mind you flight shots of the buzzard and eagle owl were very difficult - makes you appreciate the skills of a talanted photographer (which I am trying very hard to be!!).

5 hours seemed to fly by (pun intended!) - all used taking photographs apart from a short break for lunch. I did find that my 500mm lens was too long really but luckily I also had taken the 300mm so was able to get some shots without wings clipped!

We also must not forget the sterling work that they do for birds of prey, be it conservation and preservation of habitats and species or their care of rescued birds.

What a fantastic day and a huge thanks to Vince and all his staff for making us so welcome and providing a fantastic day. We will be back.[/size]