Seals at Horsey

[size=12]Just back from a weekend in Norfolk where our main aim was to find and photograph the seals - at this time of year the Grey seals are pupping.

Grey seals breed from September to December around our coastlines. The female will give birth to a single pup on a shore (known as a rookery) along with hundreds of other seals. When first born the baby is covered with a thick, creamy-white coat and they look gorgeous and cuddly, however this is soon replaced by a greyish juvenile coat after about three weeks.

We saw them at Horsey (National Trust - there is a wind pump there and a link to the site here where there is a roped off area of the beach and viewing platforms (steady base for a tripod rather than sinking into the sand dunes!)

Fantastic views - 156 pups so far this year and a we saw a couple of big bulls fighting - they really mean it when they go at each other!

Pictures are on the web site now.[/size]