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New MacBook Pro

15th December 2014
Owning a MacBook Pro

I have had my MacBook Pro for a month now so I thought that I would share my experience with it – both of learning a new operating system and also the experience of owning a shiny new laptop.

I go through these events every so many years – where I decide to try and rationalise my equipment line up. I decided I wanted to change my laptop as well as the lenses I had in my arsenal so did loads of research, reading very conceivable review and post on the subject initially of laptops. As the MacBook Pro could potentially cost around 4 times the price that I normally pay for a new laptop the first decision was to go for a used (or refurbished one).

So I knew there would be many hours spent looking at ebay, Amazon and the Apple store (for refurbished). Decided the refurbished machines at the Apple store were too costly so I was then left with just ebay! As is usual with ebay now machines were selling used with no guarantee for more than a refurbished one with the Apple warranty along with machines which didn’t exist, users who didn’t exist or who had been hijacked by someone else!! However I was lucky enough to find one at a fantastic price (a buy it now – as we know everyone on ebay leaves it to the last minute to bid or buy – so I called the trader up and arranged the purchase by phone). So a great deal was had.

The laptop arrived in a couple of days – with the box and all original accessories (even including the original receipt) with nearly a year’s Apple warranty still left. Unpacked carefully and placed it on charge – not a mark on the screen or anywhere on the body!

The first thing I did was reset to factory default – dead easy, just a few clicks of the mouse and all done. So I then had the experience of a new Apple Mac Book Pro, all set up in my name with no trace of the previous owner.

First experience of it was superb – beautiful retina screen where you could see every detail of every part of an image. There is a lovely keyboard (backlit) which required just the right amount of pressure to operate and was quiet. When it turns on it is literally seconds and it is ready for password input – as soon as this has gone in the machine is ready for use! No more hanging around waiting for my old PC to fire up and be ready. Same for shut down – just a few seconds and it is off. No noisy fan – just no noise at all actually and the machine never gets hot, actually it never gets really warm and with the body being milled from aluminium it is always cool to the touch.

What I thought would be the biggest challenge was learning a new operating system and a different way of doing things but I shouldn’t have been concerned. Operating the Mac is as intuitive as the Windows OS is awkward. Copying and pasting is different but straight forward – you quickly get used to the command key! Also no worry now about antivirus or anti malware as there doesn’t seem to be any need – it has now done the first update of the OS with no problem – quick and efficient.

Backing up is easy also – set this up in a few clicks to my portable hard drive and every time it gets connected it just runs seamlessly in the background.

So all in all I could not have been more pleased with it and if you are wavering over your decision to change from windows to apple don’t!!

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